Earlier this year, TRAI’s new rules for cable and DTH operators went live under which users will get an option to choose their favorite channels and only pay for those. The new rules from TRAI went live on February 1 2019, and if you haven’t selected channels of your choice, you should do it soon to ensure your service doesn’t get discontinued. In this guide, we will talk about the channel selection process for Tata Sky subscribers.

Before we take a deep dive into the channel selection process, there are a few things you need to know. To being with, the new pricing regime allows subscribers to choose 100 or more channels of their choice. The base plan for the same is priced at Rs 130 (plus GST at 18 percent), and the total comes to Rs 153. In this, you get 100 or more free to air channels, and for rest of the channels, you’ll have to pay. TRAI has also launched a Channel Selector app that will help you understand approximately how much you will end up paying.

So, if you can do with free to air channels, you only end up paying Rs 153 per month. Now, if you want just a handful of channels, you can add them individually to the package. For instance, if you are a sports buff, and want 5 channels, Star Sports, Sony Ten 1, Sony Ten 2 and Star Sports 2, where each channel is priced at say Rs 20. So, you will end up paying Rs 153 + Rs 100 (for 5 sports channels), and Rs 25 which is Network Capacity Fee (NCF) for 20 channels. In total, you end up paying Rs 278.

For every 20 channels above the base pack (100 channels), you end up paying Rs 25 as NCF. So, if you add a total of 60 channels, you pay Rs 75 as NCF. Similarly, if you choose HD channels, the one HD channel is equal to two SD channels. This means, if you choose 10 HD channels, you will pay Rs 25 as NCF. Each individual channel costs anywhere between Re 0.89 to Rs 22 or more. While these channels are a part of A-La-Carte, operators are also offering broadcaster packs and curated packs that you can choose.

Say, you are interested in Sony TV channels, there are packs based on different language, and genre. For instance, Sony Happy India English is priced at Rs 14, and includes 3 SD channels – AXN, Sony PIX, and Sony BBC Earth. Sony Happy India Marathi Platinum, on the other hand, includes 17 channels – Hindi entertainment, English entertainment, Hindi and English movies channels, and Marathi regional channel. The plan is priced at Rs 81.

So, if you choose this plan, your total bill will be Rs 81 (broadcaster pack) + Rs 153 + Rs 25 (NCF), which equals to Rs 259, in which you get a total of 117 channels. Similarly, there are Zee, Star, Sun, TV18 and other packs to choose from. Then, there are Tata Sky curated packs, such as Hindi Basic which includes 72 channels – entertainment, movies, sports, music and more. The pack is priced at Rs 181. There are several other packs you can choose based on your needs.

And lastly, there are add-on packs, such as English Movies HD, News HD, English Entertainment HD, Kids HD, Hindi Entertainment HD. If you are a cricket fan, you can go for English Cricket pack at Rs 44, or if you are into English movies, you can go for a pack priced at Rs 82, which offers 8 SD channels. There is HD pack also, which offers 10 HD channels and one SD channel, and that add-on pack is priced at Rs 162.

How to choose channels on Tata Sky

Step One

To begin with, head over to tatasky.com/wps/portal, click on the banner to choose your channels. On the next screen, you will have to enter your mobile number or subscriber ID followed by an OTP for authentication which will be sent to your registered mobile number. You can also go to the official Tata Sky app on your Android or iOS smartphone, and tap on the banner to choose your channels.

Step Two

You will see two options here – to recharge your DTH account, and the other to select channels. Click on the second one, and then you will be a 5 tabs – current packs, Tata Sky packs, broadcaster packs, channels and TataSky Services. There is a “Plus” button on the left, click on it, and tick the boxes for channels you need to select.

Step Three

At the bottom, click on “Select & Proceed” where you will see a summary of selected channels, and the total pricing. Review the channels and pricing, and click on confirm.

Once that is done, you will get a message stating that your new channel plans are selected and you will be charged accordingly.

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