Happy New Year 2021 is here. Today, millions of users globally will use WhatsApp as a medium to wish or send greetings of new year to their friends and family members. There are two great ways to send new year greetings to your loved ones: one, send GIFs and second, send Stickers. One of the features WhatsApp launched last year was animated stickers. That’s another way to send wishes for new years to your loved ones.

Most of you already know how to send GIFs and stickers on WhatsApp. Today, we will tell you how you will be able to create your own Happy New Year 2021 GIFs and Stickers. Read to know the steps and send in your greeting to your loved ones.

How to create Happy New Year 2021 WhatsApp GIFs

STEP 1: To create your own GIFs on WhatsApp you will first need to open the WhatsApp app on your smartphone, Android or iOS. Then open the chat/contact/group your wish to send Happy New Year 2021 greetings to.

Note: We must tell you that you will only be able to convert small 6 second videos into a GIF. If the video is longer than 6 second you will need to cut it short.

STEP 2: Once you are in the chat/group you will next need to click on attachment icon.

STEP 3: Select the Gallery option from the options displayed on your mobile screen.


STEP 4: Now browse your gallery and find the video that you want to create into a GIF. You can always shoot a video and then turn it into a GIF.

STEP 5: Then select the video and in the preview window cut it short and make it of 6 seconds.

STEP 6: Once the video is trimmed to 6 seconds, click on GIF button shown right below the timeline.

STEP 7: The video has now been converted into a GIF.

STEP 8: To add to the GIF, WhatsApp allows you to add text or caption to the GIF.

STEP 9: Click on the send button right there on your screen and select the contact to send the GIF to your loved ones.

How to create Happy New Year 2021 WhatsApp Stickers

STEP 1: First download the Sticker Maker app on Android from Google Play store.

STEP 2: Click on create a new sticker pack option.

STEP 3: In the next screen you will be able to see 30 tiles. Then click on any of these: Take Photo or Open Gallery or Select File to select pictures, as per your requirement.


STEP 4: Then crop the picture as required.

STEP 5: Once the photo is properly cropped, click on Yes and then Save Sticker.

STEP 6: Once you have three stickers added, you will be able to click Add to WhatsApp.

STEP 7: Once the stickers are added you will be able to see a confirmation message.

STEP 8: Now follow the usual steps, open WhatsApp > go to the emoji icon > stickers icon > you will see your new sticker pack there > click on the one you wish to send > tap on send button at the bottom of the screen.

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