YouTube is used by millions of users around the world. The video watching platform offers several features including a way to clear watch history as well as search history. YouTube offers several other features related to history and privacy including pause watch history, pause search history, manage all activities, blocked accounts and more.

It is often possible that you want to watch a certain kind of content on YouTube but don’t want others to know about it. In such a scenario the clear search history feature available on the platform comes handy. If you want to delete your YouTube search, you are at the right place. You can clear your YouTube search in just 3 simple steps. Take a look at the steps here:

How to delete YouTube search history on phone

-Open YouTube app on your smartphone

-Simply head over to the Settings tab. For this you will first need to tap on your profile icon on the extreme top-right hand corner. Next scroll down to the Settings option at the end of the screen.

-Next tap on the History and Privacy option from the list. There will be several other options available there including auto-play, video quality preference, offline, notifications and more.

-To clear search history on YouTube, you will then need to tap on clear search history, the second option in the list.

-A screen will pop-up, click on Clear search history there. Once you do that, your search history on YouTube will be deleted completely. This will also removed all the search suggestions that you used to get before.


How to delete YouTube search history on web

-You will first need to visit the YouTube website there.

-Sign into your account with your credentials- ID, password.

-Next click on the menu icon on the top-left corner, visible right near the YouTube icon.

-Select History option there and then click on search history. List of your searches will appear

-To delete a single item, click on ‘x’ button. If you want to clear full search history, just click on “clear all search history” option there.

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