How to download Facebook videos for free on Android, iOS, and Windows

Facebook lets you share videos right from within the app. But while the social network has made it easy to share the videos that you like across platforms, there still isn’t an offline-view mode made available yet. So, if you want to download that favourite video on Facebook you will have to put in some extra effort. Not to freak you out, downloading videos from Facebook isn’t a hard row to hoe.

There are a host of apps, sites available that allows downloading saving Facebook videos to PC or mobile phone. But you should be careful while picking an app as it might compromise the device security. Fortunately, there is a simple workaround on desktop and mobile that can you try and the good part is you won’t require a separate app to download the video and watch it offline. We have listed a few simple steps to download Facebook videos through a browser on your choice of device- Android, iPhone, or Windows.

How to download videos from Facebook on desktop

Step 1- Open Facebook in the browser, search for the video you want to download.

Step 2- Click the video, once it starts playing tap the three-dot icon on the right-hand side.

Step 3- In the drop-down menu you will find ‘Copy link.’

Step 4- Paste the link into a new browser tab. If it is shortened to an ‘’ link press Enter so that the link expands.

Step 5- Next up, change the URL in the address bar from https://www. to https://mbasic.

Step 6- Press enter, and then right-click on the video and select ‘Open link in new tab.’

Step 7- In the new tab, you will find the Facebook video, right-click it, and then choose ‘Save video as’ to download the video and save it to your desktop.

How to download videos from Facebook on Android, iOS

Downloading Facebook videos on mobile is a different story altogether. The website is the easy way out in this regard. It works on both platforms, however, iPhone users will have to download the Firefox browser, as the site may crash in Safari. That said, here’s how you can download videos from Facebook on mobile.

Step 1- Open the Facebook app on your device.

Step 2- Search for the video you want to download, then tap the three-dot icon.

Step 3- Scroll down and you will find the Copy Link option.

Step 4- Up next, open in a new browser (for iOS open Firefox browser) and then paste the link.

Step 5- Tap the Download button, and on the following page press the link to download in either ‘Normal’ or ‘High’ quality.

Step 6- It will then open another page showing the Facebook video. Long-press the video and then tap “Download video.”

Step 7- Once, the video will then be downloaded on your mobile and you can watch it offline.

It is worth mentioning that doesn’t support downloading videos that are set in private view. Hence, users are advised to check the view option before heading for the download process.

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