How to enable dark mode on Google Search

Google keeps on bringing new features and updates to make things easier for its users. The tech giant rolled out the Dark Mode theme for its search engine in September 2021, known as appearance settings.

Dark Mode is a kind of black theme which, by turning it on, the screen of the device turns in to black color. Additionally, the text visible on it starts appearing in white or gray color. It gives relief to the eyes. Also, it saves battery consumption.

If you have kept the theme of your system dark, then your Google search will automatically go into dark mode. This update will give us the feature to change brighter pages into gray color, due to which the strain on our eyes will also be less.

Appearance settings are applicable for Google main page, search result page, search settings, other linked web pages. The device default setting automatically matches the color scheme of the device. The Dark setting shows light text on a dark background and vice versa for light settings. You will also be able to change the appearance setting on Google Search.

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The appearance setting for Google Search was announced in September 2021 through a post on Google Support. The settings come with three significant options, including Device default, Dark, and Light.

Here are a few simple steps through which you can enable dark mode on Google search

STEP1: Open Google Search in your web browser.

STEP2: Tap on Settings in the lower right corner of the Google search homepage

STEP3: Tap on Appearance

STEP4: If it is not visible under Settings, then click on Search Settings

STEP5: Then click on Appearance from the left panel of the page that opens.

STEP6: Choose any Device Default, Dark or Light, and click Save at the bottom.

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