Twitter recently introduced a big redesign for its desktop interface on the web. The new interface borrows a lot of design cues from its mobile and desktop application. While the design first introduced on mobile apps drew criticism, the web interface has also seen huge blow back. Twitter users have been venting their anger over the new design and have called the company to roll back to older design. The new design aims to make minimal UI the central theme across mobile, desktop and the web.

How to get old Twitter interface back on web

As soon as you log in to the new version, you will notice that the command menu has been moved to the left. The trending column, on the other hand, has been moved to the right side of the feed. The new interface no longer shows your tweets or follower count. The only way to check those data is to view your profile page. Twitter‘s decision to move trending section to the right has irked a lot of users. As with any system redesign, there is also a way to move back to the new interface.

A Twitter user and software developer, Zusor, has shared a useful ‘do-it-yourself’ guide to bring back the old Twitter interface. Called as ‘GoodTwitter’, one can roll back to older interface with just a few clicks. In order to get the old interface, just open Twitter and follow these sequence of commands. Click on the three dots seen in the left-hand menu. Go to Settings and privacy >> About Twitter >> Directory. Now, you will see a new Twitter tab would have opened. In this page, click on Home at the top and you will be redirected to the old user interface.

According to The Next Web, GoodTwitter has been downloaded by nearly 35,000 Chrome and Firefox users. It has also received rave reviews on Reddit. While this neat little hack takes you back to old Twitter interface, it is not a permanent solution. You will have to manually visit the Directory to switch to older interface. While it is a small cost to pay for a solution that could make Twitter useful and familiar like before.

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