OnePlus recently launched a new version of its OnePlus 6T in collaboration with supercar manufacturer McLaren. This special edition of its flagship device is called OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition. This edition came with a new finish and look, and the only two changes present in the device are the addition of 10GB RAM and the inclusion of a faster Warp Charge.

Apart from the two changes in the hardware, one of the new changes is the inclusion of theme elements such as the wallpaper and in-display fingerprint animation that are exclusive to the device. These exclusive elements are similar to what the company did with the OnePlus 5T Star Wars edition and the OnePlus 6 Avengers Edition. However, what if you just recently purchased the OnePlus 6T with no idea that the company was planning to launch a McLaren Edition of the same?

Watch: OnePlus 6T – Warp Charge vs Dash Charge Compared

Well, you can’t do much about the hardware especially the 10GB RAM though there is no practical difference in real world between 8GB and 10GB RAM along with the speed of charging in the Warp and Dash charge technologies. But, we can definitely take a look at the software bit. Before we proceed though, there’s a catch here. The device needs to be rooted if the user needs the boot animations, and sounds on a standard OnePlus 6 or 6T.

If you are rooted then well, of course, you can download a Magisk Module to get all the wallpapers, boot animation, sounds and even the fingerprint scanner animation on your OnePlus 6 and 6T. But, we are here to focus on the people without root access. That said, a user does need root access to change the boot animation.

Rest of the elements such as the wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds can all be changed by simply downloading the files on the device and then changing the assents. The folks at XDA-Developers have figured out a way to change the file on the device or with the help of adb access to the device, and neither of them require the device to be rooted.

How to change fingerprint animation on OnePlus 6T

Step 1: Download the “Settings Database Editor” from Google Play or visit link.
Step 2: Open the app and select “System table” and then scroll and search for the line “op_custom_unlock_animation_style”.
Step 3: Tap on the line and then tap on the “Edit Value” option, and then enter the value as “3” without quotes and confirm.
Step 4: That’s it, you are done and now you can delete the app that you downloaded in the first step.

In case you don’t find the line then you need to select “System table” and then click on “Add new setting” and then replace the text “NEW_SETTING” with “op_custom_unlock_animation_style” and press confirm. Next step is to replace the “SETTING_VALUE” with “3” and then tap on confirm.

If you don’t want to use the app method then you can use the adb method where you need to connect your OnePlus 6T to your Windows-based computer.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt with administrator privileges, change the directory to where the adb files are present.
Step 2: Once you are there, tap in the command “adb devices” to see your device appear in the connected devices. If that is not the case then there is some problem with the drivers.
Step 3: After this type in “adb shell settings put system op_custom_unlock_animation_style 3” without quotes and you are done.

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