YouTube Ads are annoying to most people. Hence, YouTube does have a Premium membership where you do not face ads and can watch your content without any interruptions.  The premium membership also has other benefits like the ability to run YouTube in the background and implement an Audio-Only mode where you can only stream the audio of the clip while in other apps.

While you can go and buy yourself a YouTube Premium membership or take the 30-day trial, there is another way to get all its benefits for free. If you happen to be a Flipkart Plus customer, you can actually claim a free premium membership of 6 months easily. All it will cost you is 150 Flipkart Plus Super Coins. Check out how to get the service for free below.

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Step 1:

Head over to the Flipkart Website. Alternatively. If you are using a smartphone, you can even head to the Flipkart app, available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you haven’t already, log into your Flipkart Plus ID> Remember that you need to have a Flipkart Plus ID and not a regular Flipkart ID for this to work.

Step 2:

Go to the ‘Flipkart Zone’ on the website or in the application. Once you are here, look for the ‘Claim Exclusive Reward’ section.

Step 3:

You should find the YouTube Premium Reward under the Exclusive Reward section. It will cost you 150 Super Coins. Once you choose the offer, you should receive a voucher for the same right away. This voucher can now be used to redeem a free premium subscription of 6 months. However, it will only work if you are a new customer who has never used YouTube Premium or its trial before.

Step 4:

Head over to the YouTube Premium Free Subscription page. Here you will be asked to enter a voucher code. Enter the voucher code you received from the YouTube Premium Reward in Flipkart.  In the subsequent step, click on ‘Try it Free’.

Note that as a form of payment you will be charged Rs 150 as a test amount. Once this is done, your free YoutUbe Premium subscription for 6 months is activated.

Things to keep in mind

To avail of the free YouTube Premium subscription offer, users will have to update their credit/debit card details. Any restricted cards will not be valid for the process. Further, the process will only work with MasterCard and Visa cards. Users may also end the subscription any time before the trial period expires. However, if you continue to use YouTube premium post the expiry of the 6 month offer period, you will be billed for the subscription.

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