Samsung Galaxy S10 series is the most premium Android flagship smartphone one can buy right now. With the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung has made a flagship smartphone that offers near bezel-less display design without addition of a notch. In order to do so, Samsung has adopted hole punch display design, where a hole is drilled into the display to house the selfie camera setup. The Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e have a circular hole punch while the Galaxy S10+ has a larger pill shaped cutout at the front to accommodate its dual lens selfie setup.

The hole punch design has emerged as one of the easiest way to add more screen real estate and yet avoid the wide notch design seen on the iPhone X and newer iPhone models. However, there are a number of Galaxy S10 customers who find the hole punch to be annoying and have claimed it comes in the way of standard smartphone experience. Samsung, like Huawei and Honor, treats the hole punch cutout like a notch, and allows Galaxy S10 users to hide them using software settings. There are two ways to accomplish it and mind you, this will result in you losing some screen real estate.

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Method 1: Hide the Hole Punch using software

One of the easiest way to avoid this hole punch design from coming into your face is by getting rid of it altogether from settings. In order to do so, head to Settings menu on your Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e or Galaxy S10+ running One UI based on Android Pie and then select Display. In Display Settings, tap on Full Screen Apps and the first option you will see is called ‘Hide front camera’. Toggling this feature will disable the hole punch and add a black bar at the top of your Galaxy S10 series.

While it is effective, it is also unpleasant since it results in loss of screen real estate and feels as if your Galaxy S10 has grown a thick forehead. Those who have tried this method have observed that the UI seems obscure since it scales only from the top and does not take the bottom part into account. So if you toggle this feature then be prepared to experience weird display actions.

Method 2: Use Wallpapers

Yeah, you read that right. The purpose of the hole punch design is to offer Infinity screen and if you don’t want to sacrifice the screen then using creative wallpapers would be a fun way to hide the notch. Since the Galaxy S10 series went on sale, there have been plenty of resources to get wallpapers that turn Galaxy S10’s notch from a space outfit to Apple iPhone X.

The best place to download such wallpapers would be the subreddit r/S10wallpapers ( where creative wallpapers are being uploaded on a regular basis. There are wallpapers such as the Superlaser focus lens on the Death Star to a sloth hanging from a thick branch. Download your favorite from subreddit and then go to Wallpapers and Themes in Settings menu and set the download image as your wallpaper and/or lockscreen. Samsung is expected to join this creative wallpaper game with its own option with a future update.

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