How to hide WhatsApp chats without deleting them

The instant messaging app Whatsapp is used by billions of users worldwide. The Meta-owned platform keeps on introducing features that make it easier to use. One of the features is hiding a chat through archiving it. There might be a contact in your WhatsApp list that irritates you for no specific reason, and you just want to hide the chat without deleting it. Here is a simple trick through which you can hide the WhatsApp chat easily.

Archive chat usually appears at the top as soon as you receive a new message on WhatsApp. But with this new feature, the archived chats will remain in the archived chats folder and will not appear at the top of the main chat list.

STEP1: Open WhatsApp app on your smartphone

STEP2: It can be group chat or an individual chat

STEP3: There will be three options appear on the top Pin, Mute, Archive

STEP4: Tap on the Archive button

STEP5: The archive button will now show up on the top of your chat feed

STEP6: Click on the button to archive the selected chat

STEP7: You can also archive all the chats available on the app

STEP8: Tap on the chats

STEP9: Go to More Options

STEP10: Click on Settings

STEP11: Now tap on Chats

STEP12: Click on Chat History

STEP13: Click on Archive All Chats

However, archiving a chat doesn’t mean that the chat will be deleted; instead, it will be hidden, and you will also not receive notification if a person sends the message. If you want to Unarchive it, tap and hold it and tap the Archive icon above. It will make your chat Unarchive.

Another option is Disappearing Messages that is optional. You can turn on the feature for more privacy options. When you enable Disappearing Messages, you can set messages to disappear 24 hours, 7 days, or 90 days after they are sent.

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