How to import WhatsApp chat history to Telegram

Moving to Telegram from WhatsApp? There’s good news for WhatsApp users as they can now move their chat history over to Telegram. The feature was introduced in a recent update on the Telegram iOS app in version 7.4. The update also brings more privacy features. “Move your message history from other apps such as WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk to Telegram,” the update reads. Do note that the feature is only available for iOS users as of now and the Android update will likely come at a later stage.

The move comes amid privacy concerns relating to WhatsApp after it revealed in an updated privacy policy that it shares certain user data with parent company Facebook.

WhatsApp asked users to accept the new privacy policy or they will lose access to their account. The deadline to accept the policy has now been moved to May 15 from February 8. Many users flocked to alternative messaging apps like Telegram and Signal following the announcement of new terms by WhatsApp.

However, a major concern for many migrating from WhatsApp to Telegram was their chat history. The latest Telegram update solves this problem and makes it easier for people to move to the app.

Keep in mind that you will need to be on the latest versions of both WhatsApp and Telegram apps. Also, only individual chats can be exported as of now and there is no option to import conversations in batch, so that might be a bit time-consuming. For those wondering, how to use the feature, here’s a look at how to import your WhatsApp chat history to Telegram:

Step 1:  Open the chat in WhatsApp that you want to import to Telegram.

Step 2:  From the contact info menu, select “Export chat”.

Step 3: Here, users will be given two options: “Attach Media” or “Without Media”, which they can choose depending on whether they want media associated with that chat as well or not.

Step 4: Now choose Telegram from the iOS Share Sheet

Step 5:  Users can select the contact they want to assign imported WhatsApp chat to.

Step 6: Finally, select “Import”

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