How to keep your smartphone from overheating on a sunny day

Summers are back again. Temperatures are already touching 42-degrees in the National Capital Region and everyone has started complaining about the heat. But here’s a thing, your body is not the only thing that is getting super hot. The soaring temperature is also making your lifeline, that is, your smartphone toasty.

And while you can cool off by taking a dip in the swimming pool or by feasting on ice cream, your smartphone can’t. So, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you keep your smartphone from overheating this summer:

Avoid direct sunlight

What is true for you is also true for your smartphone. One of the best ways to keep your smartphone from overheating is by keeping it away from direct sunlight or any other source of heat. So if you are inside your house, avoid keeping your smartphone near the window. And if you are outside, keep your device inside a bag, where it stays away from direct sunlight. Also avoid keeping your phone in your car or any other place that can act as a greenhouse.

Turn down the brightness

Devil is in the details. Tweak your phone’s settings a bit such that your brightness is set to a minimum. If your smartphone has adaptive brightness, turn off the feature. The math is simple: lower is your screen brightness, lower is the amount of battery that is consumed, and lower is the heating.

Take off the case

If you are using a case for your smartphone, take it off, especially during the summers. The case acts as an insulation, which in turn traps the heat, causing it to heat up more than it normally would.

Keep your phone away from you

Body heat can also cause your smartphone to heat up during the summers. The best way to avoid your phone getting warm due to your own body heat is by keeping it inside a bag instead of your own pocket.

Don’t test your phone’s limits

This one is no brainer. Playing games and editing photos and videos takes a toll on your phone’s system resources no matter how the weather conditions are. If the soaring temperatures are making your smartphone warm, you would want to avoid all the activities that can contribute in making it warmer. To put it simply, avoid gaming and editing videos and photos until you reach a cooler place.

Close apps you aren’t using

Your smartphone works overtime when you are using multiple apps, especially graphics heavy apps such as games. So, close the apps that you are not using. This would utilise less of your system resources, including the battery, and keep your phone from overheating.

Use Airplane mode

Last but not the least, use the Airplane mode whenever you are not using your smartphone. If you are out on a picnic or shopping when you are not likely to get calls or make calls, turn on the Airplane mode. This would not only preserve your phone’s battery life but also keep it from overheating.

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