Playing mobile games on your Android smartphones is convenient. But one area where smartphone aren’t really great when it comes to gaming is controls. This can result at sloppy gameplay. And some game do require fine controls to get better at it. In case you’re wondering how you can play Android games on your PC, follow the steps below.

Android games, like Android apps can be run on Windows PC using emulators that help create an Android environment in a PC setting. There are many emulators available out there, both free and paid ones. Today we will be speaking about one of the better free options available out that that will help play Android games on PC. Here are the steps to play an Android game on your PC.

– Go to the Nox website ( and download the latest version of the emulator software.

– Once the download is complete, begin installing the software on the PC, which is fairly simple matter

– After the installation of the software is complete, the installer will prompt to ‘Start’ the application

– On launching the application, it will automatically configure and launch the default Android interface

– Here one will have options to install and play any of the games that are available on the Google Play Store

There are a few things to be noted though, some games like PUBG Mobile have developers who discourage using other emulators to play the game as they have their own and take serious steps when they find unregistered emulator users. To avoid this players can use the PUBG Mobile‘s official emulator to play the game on PC. The emulator comes with settings for cores, speed and FPS which ought to help control it and the performance 0f games being played on it. Use these to optimize the gameplay to the needs and another thing to remember is that emulators are taxing on the hardware of the PC and low end PC may face difficult running games on higher specifications.

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