It’s easy to record normal voice calls on your smartphone. Some smartphones offer an option to record calls directly while there are other ways using some of the other apps to record voice calls. While normal voice calls are easy to record, recording WhatsApp calls is slightly tricky. There’s no direct option for recording WhatsApp voice calls.

As journalists, we often need to record telephonic interviews or other phone conversations and due to call drops we often need to depend on WhatsApp voice calls. Today, we will explain an easy way to record WhatsApp calls on your smartphone, be it Android or iPhone. Take a quick look at how you can record WhatsApp calls on your smartphone.

Note: Before recording WhatsApp calls, ensure to take permission from everyone else in the call and also ensure that recording calls is legal in your country. Kindly do not record any call without permission from everyone present on the call.

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How to record WhatsApp calls

This process is slightly tricky and will require you to have a MacBook as well as an iPhone in addition to your Android phone. Ensure that the iPhone is not your primary device. Your Android phone should have your WhatsApp account logged in and support voice calls. Follow the following steps to record WhatsApp calls on your Android phone.

STEP 1: First connect the iPhone to a Mac using a lightning cable

STEP 2: Then select ‘Trust this computer’ on the iPhone.

STEP 3: Next open QuickTime on the MacBook and choose new audio recording option under file option

STEP 4: Right next to the record button in QuickTime you will need to click the arrow pointing downwards and choose the iPhone from there

STEP 5: Next click the record button in QuickTime


STEP 6: Then call your Android phone via WhatsApp using the iPhone, then hit the add user icon.

STEP 7: You will then need to select the person you want to talk to. This will start the call and also the recording.

STEP 8: End the call once done and stop the recording in QuickTime and save the file on the Mac.

It should be noted that all participants of the WhatsApp group voice call will be able to find out that the call is being recorded. So, there’s no way you can record the voice call secretly. Anyway, as we mentioned earlier, ensure to inform everyone on the call before recording a WhatsApp call. Don’t record any calls secretly.

Another way to record WhatsApp calls

You can also try out Cube Call: VoIP recording to record WhatsApp calls. Well, not all phones support this future so ensure to check the support page first. You can check whether your phone supports the Cube Call: VoIP recording or not by clicking here on the app’s Google Play Store page.

STEP 1: You will first need to install Cube Call Recorder on your phone that has WhatsApp logged in

STEP 2: Open Cube Call Recorder, then switch to WhatsApp and next call the contact you want to talk to

STEP 3: To check if the app is working for you check the widget as it will light up

STEP 4: If the app shows an error, you will need to open the recorder settings and choose Force VoIP call as voice calls

STEP 5: Try to call again and repeat the process to record WhatsApp calls. Well, if it still shows an error, the app is not supported on your phone.

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