How to redeem, earn, and subscribe Super Coin balance on Flipkart

Flipkart organizes a Big Billion Days Sale every year for its consumer base. But there are a few deals, discounts, and offers that are only available to Flipkart Plus members. The Plus members can use super coins to redeem to purchase items available during the sale. Flipkart Super Coin is brought to provide benefits to millions of Flipkart users.

How to earn Super Coin

Every time you order something up to Rs.100 on Flipkart, you will receive a super coin. Flipkart gives 2 Super Coins to all non-plus members and 4 super coins to plus members for every 100 rupees spent during shopping. Flipkart Plus members can earn up to 100 Super Coins per order. Meanwhile, non-plus members can take a maximum of 50 Coins per order.

If you want to see how much Super Coin you have collected so far, you can see it by clicking on Super Coin below on your Flipkart App. 1 super coin is equal to 1 rupee, which you can use for any of the following options.

  • Buy Super Coin Applicable Product
  • Buy Coupons & EGV (Electronic Gift Vouchers)
  • Order Exclusive Deals
  • Book Flight Tickets

Flipkart super coins validity

Flipkart Plus members can earn up to 100 super coins per order, while non-Plus members can earn up to 50 super coins per order. The super coins accumulated on purchase are then credited to the user’s account after the end of the return date of the product ordered by the user. The validity of Super Coins expires after one year from the date they were credited to the super coins account. Simply to say, if super coins are credited to your account on October 10, 2021, they will expire on October 20, 2022.

Users will not lose any super coins by joining the Flipkart Plus membership. That is, they can use their 200 or more deposited super coins to get a discount by making any further payment.

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