We often get important messages on WhatsApp, and we feel that these messages should be saved. There is a handy feature in WhatsApp, which fulfills this need of yours. The Facebook-owned messaging platform comes with a feature called “Starred” messages that basically helps in marking important messages. But do you know how to view these tarred mark messages on WhatsApp? Here are some simple steps to follow.

How to mark messages starred

To save a message, you must first open a chat on WhatsApp. Long press (hold down) that Message. You will see a star icon at the top of the screen. To save an important message on WhatsApp, tap on the star icon.

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How to access starred messages

step1: Click on the three dots shown at the top right corner of your WhatsApp home page

step2: Go to ‘starred messages

STEP3: You will see the sender and receiver’s name on top of the Message, along with the date.

STEP4: Tap on the Message to view it in the chat.

STEP5: It will navigate you to the actual location of the Message from where it was starred.

STEP6: You can also check by clicking on the name of the individual or group name

STEP7: Slide down to the ‘starred messages’ option

STEP8: You will see a list of all the starred messages

If you want to remove the star mark from a message, go to the starred Message option and long-press on that Message. In the upper part of the screen, you will see the option to remove the star by tapping on which you can unstar the Message.

If you wish, you can email a chat history entirety.

Email chat history

  1. Open the person with whom you want to email the chat.
  2. Three dots will appear in the top right corner.
  3. Click on More of these.
  4. Now go to Export Chat.
  5. You can export chats via email, Bluetooth, and other installed messaging and sharing apps.
  6. Select the email option to export via email. Send it by entering the email address.

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