Facebook and Instagram are the two popular social media apps that everyone uses, excluding some users. A lot of users have pages or groups on Facebook, but are not aware of some of the features of the app. Here, we are talking about how you can schedule a post on Facebook. The company has updated the UI and now the scheduling option is not immediately visible.

There are times when you want to post something at a particular time and you might not be able to do that at that exact time. So, the scheduling feature here comes to your rescue. So, if you have a page on Facebook, then you just need to create a post and go to Creator Studio to schedule it. This is for the desktop version. The company even lets you reschedule the same post in the mentioned section.

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After scheduling the post, you will get options like Reschedule, Edit post, Preview post, Publish, Cancel schedule, and more. When you cancel the post, it will not be deleted and will remain in the drafts. If you want to schedule using your mobile phone, then you can install Facebook Page Manager. It is important to note that scheduling posts is based on your timezone and not Facebook’s timezone.

How to schedule a post on Facebook on desktop


Step 1: Create a post and paste the link on your Facebook page. You will then see Creator Studio, placed near the post option. Alternatively, you can directly go to the Creator Studio site, and click on Create Post.

Step 2: After selecting Create Post, you need to paste the link you want to schedule. Go to “Share Now” menu and click on the schedule option.

Step 3: You will be asked to set a timer and then you are done.

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