PUBG Mobile is the most popular mobile game in the world right now and there is no doubt about that. It is probably the most popular shooter and has an audience among all genders and all kinds of people. Streamers are gamers stream their games and even earn money from it. The money in stream gameplay from smartphones comes from sponsorship and patrons donating money during stream as well. There are quite a few popular streamers worldwide. In India also, there are streamers who make a living by playing games.

The concept of streaming games started with PC games and it became popular with the rise of games like Fortnite and PUBG. Players would stream their gameplay and earn substantial amounts of money from it. The biggest platforms for streaming are Twitch which is the oldest one, YouTube and the newest one being Facebook. Now many might know how to stream to these platforms from their PC but not from their smartphones. Today we will be showing how to stream to all these platforms from your smartphones.

Stream gameplay from smartphones: How to do it

– First of all make sure that you are on a WiFi network, since streaming consumes a lot of data. And if you are playing an online game while streaming, then you will need a strong internet connection and at least a moderately powerful smartphone.

– Download the ‘Streamlabs’ app from the Play Store and launch it

– In here you will be greeted with options to select which platform you want to stream to and will have Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and other options.

– Once you have decided which platform you want to stream to select it on the app.

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– Copy the Stream Key and the URL from the stream settings of your selected platform and paste it on the ‘Streamlabs’ app.

– Check the video and audio quality settings on the app and hit the red ‘start stream’ button at the bottom right of the app.

– Once that is done you should be able to see the reflection of the mobile screen on the streaming platform.

– Type out the description on the streaming platform and start your game and then go live. And voila! You are streaming your game live.

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