How to turn on dark mode in Clubhouse

Quite late to the party, Clubhouse has finally rolled out the dark mode for its platform. The company has confirmed that the dark mode will be released for both Android and iOS users globally starting tomorrow i.e April 14.

According to Clubhouse, “It’s exactly what you’d expect — light, but not too light, text on a velvety dark background.”

How to turn on dark mode in Clubhouse

Here are the quick steps that you can follow to turn on the dark mode on Clubhouse:

  1. Open the Clubhouse app and go to the Settings
  2. Select the “dark mode” option
  3. Choose the preferred option for dark mode from “Always Dark Mode”, “User Device Settings”

For the unversed, tipster Alessandro Paluzzi had predicted the feature back in March this year. He further suggested that the mode will be offered in three options: Always in dark theme, Always in light theme and same as device theme.

As per a statement by Clubhouse, “We’ve heard your pleas. We’ve spotted your tweets. We’ve seen your hacked-together solutions and mocked up versions of the UI of your dreams. And while it might have taken us longer than what would be considered “fast” or “reasonable” or “at all acceptable by human standards,” the wait is finally over. Today, we’re beginning to roll out Clubhouse dark mode in all of its moody, non-blinding-you-at-3-am glory.”

For the unversed, Clubhouse has also introduced Games in the app for the users. The new “Wild Cards Game Room” will give users a deck of cards full of conversation ideas. Users will be able to control who answers the questions, the time limit and so on.

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