Amazon Prime Video on Android is getting a new ‘Shuffle episodes’ button, which will randomly play episodes. The feature will likely be useful when one does not want to play episodes in order and does not want to choose which one to play next either. Apparently, users can just click on the ‘Shuffle episodes’ button to just randomly watch episodes.

The new button is showing for us as well, which is available between the ‘Download’ and ‘More’ buttons. We take a look at how to use the ‘Shuffle episodes’ button in Amazon Prime Video:

How to use Amazon Prime Video ‘Shuffle episodes’ feature:

• The ‘Shuffle episodes’ does not seem to be available for iOS users as of now.

Android users will need to update to the latest version of the Amazon Prime Video app to access the feature.

• Open a show or series and choose the season from which you want to view random episodes.

• Then click on the ‘Shuffle episodes’ button to play a random episode from the season

• Do note that the feature only plays episodes from a particular season. So for instance, if you have selected season 1 of a series, then the ‘Shuffle episodes’ button will only play episodes from that season and not from any other season.

Amazon Prime Video shuffle button

Rival Netflix is also testing a similar feature, which will choose for users the content it thinks they would like to watch based on the kind of shows, or movies that they have previously watched, or saved to their list.

Netflix started testing the ‘Shuffle Play’ feature in July 2020. The feature will be rolled out globally in the first half of 2021.

“As another exciting step in this effort, we’ve been testing a new feature that gives members the ability to choose to instantly watch a title chosen just for them versus browse. The response has been positive and we plan to roll it out globally in the first half of 2021,” Netflix revealed in its Q4 2020 earnings report.

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