Zoom has emerged as the frontrunner in the race for best remote video conference application. While Skype was once the go to application for video conferencing, Zoom has taken the world by storm. As more people are staying home and working from home, Zoom has made it easier to connect. While it is being used by big organizations, Zoom is also being actively used in schools and religious institutions.

The video conferencing service has a lot going for it. One of the biggest selling points of Zoom is the ability to allow up to 100 participants with a free subscription. The service also has a different layout depending on whether you are using it on a desktop or a mobile device. It also works reliably well on the web, making it top choice for most users. While it has seen a lot of fame, the service has also been hit with a number of privacy issues.

How to use Zoom on your device

Step 1: First step before using Zoom is to create an account. Visit the Zoom website and click on the “Sign Up, It’s free” button at the top right corner. You will need to confirm your date of birth to get started. After that, you can either sign up with your work email address or use a single sign-on, Facebook or Google account.Create an account

Step 2: Once you have created the account, Zoom makes it really simple. There is an option to schedule a meeting, join a meeting or host a meeting. Click on any of the options, Zoom will prompt you to enter the Meeting ID or Personal Link Name to enter.Schedule, Join or Host a Meeting

Step 3: Zoom is primarily a video conferencing platform. However, it also has more features that can be accessed from the left hand side. The most prominent one being Profile, which allows you to see your name and personal meeting ID. It is also the section from where you can upgrade your account. Other features include Webinars and Recordings.Additional Features

Step 4: By clicking on Settings, you will be able to control your meeting like enabling or disabling host video. You can also control local recording and dial-in users. These granular controls are easy to understand that Zoom makes even difficult settings look easy.Settings


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Zoom is meant to be used via your computer or through your desktop browser. However, you can also use the service on a mobile device running Android or iOS. The dedicated app has a streamlined version of the options seen on the browser or desktop client. The main tabs are at the bottom and are marked as Meet & Chat, Meetings, Contacts and Settings. The setup is slightly different due to the limitations with design.

Before you start using Zoom do note that governments and institutions have been restricting the use of the service. After Zoombombing, where random users enter an ongoing meeting due to a security flaw, became prominent, the app has drawn criticism. Zoom CEO Eric Yuan has announced a 90 days freeze on features to focus on privacy and security. It has even hired Alex Stamos as an outside consultant. Till the time Zoom does not fix these known issues, it is recommended to use the alternatives like Skype or Cisco Webex.

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