As much as I’d love the world to turn paperless, the reality is far different. Although paperless air tickets are a reality, I still prefer printing out my boarding pass for flights or long-distance train tickets. because I don’t want to find myself in a situation where I’m out of battery on my phone.

Ever tried applying for a passport or any similar document from a government office recently? There’s no better example of the dread of documents, right? It’s these real-world hassles that still make our world run on paper. My friends feel the same way too! I kept pushing the decision to get a printer for a long time. So when I got the opportunity to try out a device that solves this problem, I thought, why not! Here’s my review of the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419, after having used it for a couple of months.

The hardware package and set up process

This is one area where I believe printers are a pain. As long as they are working, they’re all well and good. But the moment something conks off, the process of undoing the inconvenience is tricky. Let’s say paper gets jammed, or ink levels are exhausted. Since offices usually have printers, you might just be familiar with a lot of those horror stories with toners and cartridges and the noise and mess that follows.

The moment I opened the box of the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419, I was impressed. The box had the printer along with bottles of ink. Two bottles of Black, and a bottle each of Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. Irrespective of which printer on the market that you buy, you will always have these four colors that you need to refill it with. Print technologies rely on mixing Cyan, Magenta and Yellow to produce the wide gamut of colors you see. This, is in contrast, to the Red, Green and Blue used for display technologies. The reason for this is the absence of color on print results in the white paper used. While in a display, the lack of colour highlights the black of the display.

The problem with having three colours is that there are now three factors that could go wrong. And the very thought of having to deal with it held me back from getting a printer all these years. The design of the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 changed that for me. The hassle of ink cartridges is gone. Just like that. Instead, you get ink in a plastic bottle. Simply open, and squeeze the entire content into the dispenser which is at the side of the device. You don’t need to open anything for it. No mechanism, no hassle. Nothing. I wish I had printers like these while growing up.

Instead of multiple cartridges, what you now have to deal with is a printer head. There are two printer heads next to each other. One does black, the other does color. Now, this is where things get tricky. There’s an orange attachment that comes along with the package. And a small trick, which you will find in the instruction. But better still, service personnel from HP are helpful enough to get it up and running for you. This is a one time set up process. Refilling ink is just a matter of squeezing a bottle of ink into the external dispenser or ‘ink tank’, which is why the printer is named so. The day HP makes it a simple push and switch on print head, it will truly become foolproof.

Printers still drive your world

Whether it’s documentation for an application, or assignments for students, printers are needed all the time. Some of us, get those needs fulfilled at our workplace. For others, we need to break away from our respective routines to do so. And if you’re on the verge of breaking down every time someone asks you to submit a printed document, here’s a solution to the problem. Just get a hassle-free printer like the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419. With built-in Wi-Fi, it doesn’t need to be connected to a computer. It just stays in a corner, next to a plug point for power. And quietly does its job of spewing out printed paper when you need it to. You don’t even have to be home to do so. With the accompanying HP Smart app, you can configure online cloud storage for your HP printer and send scanned documents or photos to be stored on the cloud.

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Prints in the digital world

The convenience of printing on the go with the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419 makes it easy to get your favorite memories in print. Just like many of you, I’ve had my fair share of photos on my smartphone. A few weeks ago, I had extended family visit me. There were kids too. And after I was tired of keeping them occupied, a few prints of photos I captured of them did the trick. Receiving a photo in print is still very high on users minds. It’s rare to see albums these days and in our time, they’re just limited to weddings.

Although there are different categories of printers to print on photo paper, just getting printouts of your favorite clicks and then getting them laminated for durability just works. Another added benefit is the ability to scan the precious memories of your parents and grandparents. I’ve had the thought for many years to digitize print memories from decades ago. But have hardly been able to do it. Since there’s a machine within reach, I have been able to do it for several dozens of documents, and intend to digitize all formal certificates, credentials and family records. It’s invaluable, especially during times when there’s loss or some such emergency.

Should you buy the HP Ink Tank Wireless 419?

This is one convenient piece of hardware and solves all your needs with printed documents, whether you need to print, scan or copy. Using the device is easy, and the operation is silent. Maintenance is convenient and hassle-free. Besides, the fact that you don’t need ink cartridges but rather just HP ink bottles that you could squeeze with the same convenience as the sauce is enough reason to consider this strongly. Added benefits such as Wi-Fi and cloud accounts make it very convenient. The device retails at Rs 15,493. But you will also find attractive deals on Amazon India for about Rs 13,000.

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