HTC U Ear true wireless headphones gets certified by FCC, launch seems imminent

HTC, best known as a smartphone manufacturer, is entering the market for full wireless headphones. As the market research by Counterpoint showed, the true-wireless headphones sector will continue to grow significantly over the next few months. The U.S. Telecommunications Administration (FCC) database has now revealed the first information about HTC U Ear headphones.

In recent years, HTC was one of the most successful smartphone manufacturers in the Android world but has since lost ground quickly. Now, the company aims to return to a growth career as a manufacturer of wireless headphones. From the FCC database, the headphones got leaked by Twitter user Abhishek Yadav.

HTC U Ear TWS leak on FCC

The images refer to the FCC website’s test process certification. The leak showcases the charging case, a power cable, and the true wireless headphones with small charging PINs. Based on the photos uploaded to the database, the black HTC U Ear headphones are very similar to Apple AirPods and many other headphones based on a similar design. The true wireless headphones come with a charging, compact, and square case with a USB-C port. The charging cable also seems to be included in the sales package.

Nothing is yet known about the technical features of the headphones. Based on the pictures, it doesn’t seem to have silicone earplugs in the first place. However, there is still no complete certainty about this either. So far, there is no information on which price range HTC U Ear falls into. The release schedule for the headphones is also speculative.

It is worth noting that HTC has experience with headphones such as the Usonic wired USB Type-C earphones. It had several features, including the noise-canceling and automatic calibration for optimal sound. The price will certainly still play a big role in the success or failure of the HTC U Ear.

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