Huami has launched a new “Star Wars” Edition of the Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3. The latest Amazfit watch from Huami features a cool samurai dial to automatically switch between day and night. The wearable comes with an exclusive custom red and white stainless-steel bezel. The company has also added a red and white strap to give it a different look.

On one of the straps, Huami has added Master Yoda’s quotes “Train You Must,” and the short end of the strap says “Vader Is My Motivator.” It also customizes an exclusive box and a metal plaque. Now, lets talk about the features and specifications of the smartwatch. The Huami Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 comes with a customized 1.34-inch Full Moon display. The panel operates at 320 x 320 pixels resolution.

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The company has asserted that the watch’s panel will offer users a higher screen ratio. It also optimizes the visual effects. The wearable has a reflective screen, and it is more suitable for outdoor activities, as per the company. Furthermore, the “Star Wars” Edition of the Amazfit Smart Sports Watch 3 has four physical buttons. Xiaomidna mentioned that these buttons can be controlled “by the touch screen in the sweating screen with a large amount of movement.”

The Humani Amazfit Sports Watch 3 also features a dual-core system. The smartwatch can deliver ultra-long battery life in the Ultra mode and a smarter normal mode, as per the cited source. The usage scenarios of the two modes are 14 days and 7 days. Huami’s latest wearable also supports a heart rate sensor. The company says that the fitness wearable can continuously monitor your heart rate. It also offers support for a GNSS positioning chip, music playback, and NFC. Lastly, the Humani Amazfit Smart Sport Watch 3 comes with a price label of 1,599 Yuan, which is around Rs 16,230 in India.

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