Huawei can no longer pre-install Facebook app on its smartphones

In the latest blow to the Chinese smartphone giant, Facebook has suspended Huawei from pre-install its apps on the new and upcoming smartphones. These apps include Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Customers who have already purchased Huawei phones will able to use the apps and also get updates.

Facebook’s move further dampens sales outoook as Huawei’s smartphone business became its biggest revenue generator last year. It was led by strong growth in Asia and Europe. Huawei also pre-installs other popular apps such as Facebook, Twitter and But there’s no word on whether or not they will also suspend Huawei from pre-installing apps.

Last month, even Google cut ties with Huawei saying that it would no longer provide Android software update after a 90-day period ending August. However, Google apps and Play Store will still be available for current Huawei smartphones. According to a person familiar with the matter, the ban applies to any Huawei phone that has not yet left the factory, Reuters reports.

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As a part of the long-running campaign against Huawei, Washington banned U.S. companies from supplying tech to Huawei. The concern is that Facebook is too close to the Chinese government. Due to this, its telecom network gear could be a conduit for espionage.

It’s not just Google and Facebook that have banned Huawei. ARM cut ties with Huawei, which means it can no longer with its tech for making chipsets. Microsoft and Qualcomm also took a step back from working with Huawei.

All Huawei smartphones run on Android OS. Without Google software support, Huawei will have to rely on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) if it has to offer Android OS to its users. However, Huawei has been working on its own OS to replace Android. It is reportedly called Arc OS and we might see the official launch towards closer to the end of this year. It will reportedly come with support for Android apps.

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