Huawei Mate 20 Pro, the flagship Mate-series smartphone, is getting a new update. The smartphone, which received EMUI 9.1 based on Android Pie at the end of June, is now getting DC dimming support as well. The feature has now become very popular among smartphone makers that use OLED display. With every passing day, smartphone makers are trying to bring this feature to their smartphones. Huawei, which already offers DC dimming on P30 Pro, is now bringing the feature to Mate 20 Pro.

DC dimming, as the name implies, dims the screen by directly lowering the voltage. It has been found to reduce eye strain for certain people sensitive to blue light emitted by displays. Before DC dimming, smartphone displays relied on PWM, which modulates the width of the light pulse to control brightness. Most people are not affected since the frequency of these pulses are very high. However, for those facing issues, DC dimming would be a better option.

If you have a Mate 20 Pro, you can enable it by going to Settings >> Display >> Eye comfort >> Flickr reduction. The feature is available as part of EMUI version According to IT Home, the update is being rolled out to Mate 20 Pro users in China. The global version of the smartphone should get the update in the coming weeks. The update also enhances the overall user experience which was tweaked with the release of EMUI 9.1 on Huawei P30 series first.

The update is still based on Android Pie and it brings a new EROFS file system. Huawei claims huge improvements in performance with the switch to EROFS file system. The noticeable difference comes in app launch times and quicker response offered by applications. The update also brings GPU Turbo 3.0 and Moon mode for the camera. The update brings software parity between Huawei P30 series and the Mate 20 series.

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