Huawei is probably changing its outlook on foldable devices. The company launched the Mate X which folded outwards. But now reports say the brand’s upcoming Mate foldable design which follow a familiar path. It is ditching the unique design model and like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the next Mate device will fold on the inside.

Rumours say the device will be called Mate V. And images have leaked with the new brand name and the refreshed design. As you can see here, the device carries screen on both the sides. There are hinges right in the middle to make sure the device is durable, especially the screen.


The change in design is understandable. Huawei must have seen how Samsung managed to fix the issues with the Galaxy Fold. That’s not all, the South Korean giant seems to have sold quite a decent number of the device as well. All this might have encouraged Huawei to ditch its unique design approach and go for the tried and tested. It’s likely that Huawei will launch the Mate V device before end of the year. So we’ll probably hearing or even seeing more of the device in the build up to that.  Only then we’ll be able to determine the pricing of the product.

Huawei forced to switch chipsets for mobile

The company’s tussle with US companies is likely to spring another strategic move. As of September, TSMC can no longer manufacture SoCs for HiSilicon. So the company will have to find other options very soon if it wants to stay in the market. An industry insider has revealed that Huawei’s flagship phones of the year 2021 could make use of a 5nm chip from a third-party vendor. No more in-depth details are provided as of yet. However, the most likely option for the supply of chips would be none other than MediaTek.

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