Huawei has suddenly turned on advertisements on lockscreen for various smartphones. A number of users started reporting about the same from last couple of days. The company reportedly slipped in ads from into the phone’s Magazine Unlock feature.

As per report from Android Police, the ads are appearing for several Huawei smartphones. It is mostly for users who have the preinstalled landscape background wallpapers. The affected list of phones said to include the P30 Pro, the P20, the P20 Lite, Honor 10, and Huawei P20 Pro.

Most Huawei phone owners started sharing screenshots of the advertisements on June 12. The intensity of ads and number of devices increased the next day. It is reported that users from all over the world, including in Europe and South Africa were impacted, but a number can’t be defined.

Image via Android Police

The company’s German wing officially apologized on Twitter account, saying “I’m sorry that you think we want to advertise.” The company asked users to manually deactivate the ads by swiping up on the screen and going into settings to deleted the individual image. Additionally, users also found a way to switch off these advertisements by changing phone’s defaults lockscreen image to a user selected image or wallpaper.

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In the wake of recent tension with the US-China trade war, Huawei has been affected the most. Facebook has suspended Huawei from installing WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook apps on its smartphones. Last month, even Google cut ties with the Chinese company. It said that it would no longer provide Android software update after a 90-day period ending August. However, Google apps and Play Store will still be available for current Huawei smartphones.

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