Huawei is preparing to bring Harmony OS, its custom operating system to smartphones next year. Wang Chenglu, President of Chinese conglomerate Huawei has revealed that the company is all set to bring its custom-made operating system ‘Harmony OS’ to its smartphones range in 2020. According to him, “Harmony OS” that will be available globally will not replace Android as Huawei still treats Android as preferred OS by choice but things will start moving on this front next year, media reports said on Monday.

Huawei prepares Harmony OS as Android alternative for smartphones in 2020

“If we’re still not allowed [by the US government] to access Google’s Android service, we will consider using our own Harmony OS. In fact, our OS is ready, but we will not use it in the first place as we’re still considering a relevant decision and cooperation,” Chenglu was quoted as saying. Under the terms of the previous US trade ban, Google was barred from selling Android license to Huawei, meaning its phones could use the base open-source code, but would not have access to the all-important Play Store and Google apps.

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A temporary licence was issued which allows Google to support and update the Android OS currently running on existing Huawei devices. However, the trade ban has affected the development of future products. The company has already launched “Harmony OS” with Honor Vision TV series. The company’s upcoming smartphone ‘P40’ may also run “Harmony OS” instead of Android, revealed Richard Yu, Head of Huawei’s consumer business.

Despite losing access to core Google applications, Huawei has not seen any major drop in demand for its smartphones. In fact, the Chinese smartphone maker saw growth in its market share during the third quarter of this year. It has also shipped 200 million smartphones this year and has taken less time than it did last year. However, the lack of Google apps on devices like the Mate 30 series and upcoming P40 series could hurt the company in long term.

(Written with IANS inputs)

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