Huawei is set to introduce its HongMeng OS during Huawei Developer Conference on August 9. Now, a new report suggests Huawei is planning to put the OS on mobile devices. The first smartphone running HongMengOS from Huawei is likely to arrive sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. The Chinese networking giant is hosting its developer conference in Dongguan from August 9 to August 11.

According to China’s Global Times, the smartphone running HongMeng OS will be priced at RMB 2,000. This means that it will be a mid-range smartphone with a price of around Rs 20,000. While it will be the first smartphone, HongMengOS will be seen first on Honor’s smart television. Huawei’s e-brand will reportedly launch its television range on August 10. The report cites a source claiming that Huawei is testing how Android apps are compatible with HongMeng OS.

Huawei board member Catherine Chen said that the company is developing HongMeng OS to increase security of industrial devices. The new report states that the OS includes cryptographic features for better protect user’s personal data and privacy. The operating system is said to be built using a microkernel like Google‘s Fuchsia operating system. The report further highlights the lack of clarity in the ongoing tariff war between the United States and China.

After US Department of Commerce decided to put Huawei in its entity list, the Chinese company decided to roll the dice on its own operating system. The decision restricted Huawei from getting access to US hardware and software solution. The restriction meant that Huawei was restricted from getting access to Google Play services. While Trump has eased some of that restriction, Huawei seems to be continuing with its own operating system.

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