Huawei is set to launch the new Mate series later this month. And going by the latest developments, the phone will come with the latest Android 11 version. According to this report, the company has started beta testing for the EMUI version based on the operating system. The version is available for P40 and Mate 30 Pro devices. It is likely that European variants of the Mate 40 series will get the software version.

Ever since its ban on working with Google, Huawei had to develop its own mobile platform. The company has used the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to design its EMUI version. And with its restriction on using Google services, you get an in-house AppGallery app store.

And we expect Huawei to offer the same with the Android 11 version of EMUI as well. Offering mobile products without Google services, especially outside of China, is viewed as a big deal breaker. Especially, when the phones are more than capable of challenging the likes of Apple and Samsung. But purely because of its app support limitations, buyers find it less appealing to splurge on Huawei flagship phones.

Even then, we’re eager to see the changes with Android 11-based EMUI from the company. The privacy features will most likely be improved and we expect to see minimal design improvements. Apart from all this, we’d hope Huawei to bump up the camera features for its flagship devices.

Huawei Mate 40 series to get octagonal cameras

We have seen many new phones come with various rear camera modules such as squares, rectangles, or forming circles. However, Huawei’s teaser poster reveals that the Mate 40 will be a differentiator with the octagonal camera module, aka the eight squares. It is currently unknown which version will use this octagonal camera module. As mentioned, the Huawei Mate 40 Series will come in several variants. The phone will make its debut at an event on October 22.

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