Chinese electronics giant Huawei is likely preparing for the upcoming display design trend of under-display camera technology. According to a new report, Huawei has just filed for a patent as part of its preparation. The patent showcases the user interface of a smartphone with the under-display camera technology. This indicates that Huawei is planning a smartphone with under-display camera technology in the near future. According to the patent filing, it also appears that the company has thought of “at least half a dozen solutions” for the under-display camera technology. One of the images indicated that the area in question will showcase the time duration of the phone call.

When in the camera mode, that area will be used to showcase multiple camera modes in the software. The designs of the smartphone in the parent application also seems to indicate the position of the front camera setup. According to the designs, Huawei is likely to add the under-display camera module towards the top left corner of the display. This is the same position that we have seen front cameras placed in for quite some time now in Huawei smartphones. In fact, this is not the first time that we have seen a smartphone with the under-display camera setup.

Huawei under-display camera position

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo just revealed its own under-display camera setup at the MWC Shanghai 2019. For some context, Oppo has placed the under-display camera module in the middle in its smartphone. We are not sure why Huawei is planning to use the top left corner to place the under-display camera. It is also likely that Huawei does not want to re-engineer the internals of its upcoming phone in a significant manner. Huawei has not revealed anything about the device or its existence so we are just speculating from the design in the patent application.

There is no information available about any Huawei smartphone with an under-display camera right now as reported by WinFuture.De. This also means that we are not sure if the company currently has a working smartphone with such a design. Either Huawei is currently working on such a device. Or it simply wants to protect the software design idea for a phone under-display camera.

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