Huawei is reportedly developing Augmented Reality glasses, that can be connected to a smartwatch, as per a new patent. labeled as Eyeglass Frame. The patent filed by the company published in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on February 7. Reports suggest that Huawei would take the wraps off its AR glasses by the end of this year or next year.

In addition, the patent seems to be accurate as Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Technologies, revealed in an interview to CNBC that the company is “working on developing augmented reality (AR) glasses that could be connected to a smartwatch, which will be connected to a phone.” The design of the AR glasses could be similar to the one shown in the patent.

At the moment, there isn’t enough information about the AR glasses. But, the patent suggests that one might also be able to use the upcoming AR glasses as an Augmented Reality headset. Furthermore, to use those glasses, one will need to have a smartwatch. Interestingly, the patent revealed that the device doesn’t offer a camera, display or microphone and it is equipped with an adapter and a mirror.

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The illustration further shows that when the adapter is placed near the smartwatch, the content is presented on the smartwatch display with the help of the mirror. The AR glasses also offers support for audio playback. Besides, reports suggest that Huawei will first launch a smartwatch with a camera module, then AR glasses. Notably, none of Huawei’s current smartwatches comes with camera sensors. Separately, the company is expected to launch P30 Pro at the end of March at an event in Paris. The smartphone is said to offer four cameras at the back.

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