As May 15 arrives in a day, your account will lose some crucial WhatsApp features if you don’t accept the new privacy policy. If you don’t agree to the pop-up showing the privacy policy on the WhatsApp homescreen, you will soon be unable to send messages and makes calls via WhatsApp.

The company recently took back its previously stated statement and clarified that the account that do not accept the privacy policy will not be deleted.

What happens if you don’t accept WhatsApp Privacy Policy

Earlier in May, the Facebook owned messaging platform stated that users who don’t accept the privacy policy will be switched to limited functionalities mode. In this mode, users will not be able to access their chat list.

Such users, the messaging platform said, will only be able to respond to incoming audio and video calls. WhatsApp also stated, if such users receive a chat from a contact, they will be able to open it through their notifications and respond to them.

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The Facebook owned messaging platform hasn’t clarified if it will allow these users to make calls to send messages via the app post after May 15.

Eventually, few weeks after May 15, these users will stop receiving all calls and messages. This means, anyone who doesn’t accept the new WhatsApp Privacy Policy will eventually lose access most of the key functionalities. In other words, eventually, each and every WhatsApp user in India will need to accept the new privacy policy to be able to use all functionalities of the app and enjoy the newly released features.

WhatsApp users who still haven’t accepted the terms will get the policy pop-up on the app home screen.

To accept the new privacy policy, users will just need to tap on ‘Agree’ option that appears on the screen when they log into the app. “By tapping AGREE, you accept the new terms and privacy policy,” WhatsApp shows this banner on the screen. If you do not see the pop-up on the app, chances are you have already accepted the newly updated WhatsApp privacy policy.

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