The Apple Spring Loaded event is scheduled to take place on April 20 and so far, there are rumours of a new iPad Pro coming along with a new Apple Pencil as well as new AirPods. However, there’s a possibility of Apple launching the next-gen iMac computers, as hinted by tipsters. Apple could unveil an upgraded iMac at tomorrow’s event and make it available in different colours, similar to the G3 iMac.

The indication comes from a renowned tipster @LOvetodream, who compares the Spring Loaded teaser with the release poster of the G3 iMac. The multiple colours on the Apple logo is said to point at the multiple coloured iMac models, although it could relate to the colours on the new iPad Pro. There’s no official hint from Apple about any of the launches happening at this event.

Next-gen Apple iMac could launch

The different colour variants on the next-gen iMac aren’t the only upgrade. In fact, rumours have hinted at major upgrades to key areas on the iMac. Apple’s desktop PC is said to emulate the Apple Pro Display XDR, with a larger display than the current models. Previous leaks have hinted at much larger display sizes than the current-gen model.

iPad Pro LiDAR

Image: iPad Pro LiDAR

Apple is also expected to rely on Apple Silicon chips for the new iMac models. Apple Silicon debuted on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro last year as the Apple M1 chip, promising more performance than its Intel counterparts.

However, the biggest attention-seeking launch expected at this event is the new iPad Pro. This year’s model is expected to utilize a miniLED display technology. This is a superior technology to AMOLED and should make for better viewing experiences on the iPad. The iPad Pro is also expected to come with an improved variant of the A14 Bionic chip and gain a Thunderbolt port.

The iOS 14.5 is also expected to get a public release after the launch event. A new Apple Pencil is also expected to launch at this event. Rumours also suggest an upgrade to the AirPods this year, getting a design upgrade similar to the AirPods Pro but leaving the noise cancellation bit in favour of keeping the price low.

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