Technology and smartphones have completely transformed the way we live our lives. This includes transformation in almost every aspect of our lives from the smallest of things of spending our free time traveling or working. However, a new report has indicated that technology and smartphones are changing more aspects of our lives. According to somewhat recent research in biomechanics, it looks like smartphone and technology use is changing our skeleton. Yep, you heard us, a gradual increase in the use of technology, especially smartphones is changing our bones. In fact, the exact nature of change, or transformation is quite surprising. To cut to the chase, increase smartphone usage is making young people develop “hornlike spikes at the back of their skills”.

Growing horns: The reason young people are growing horn-like spikes on their skulls

We understand that this development may be troubling and surprising at the same time. In fact, we are sure that some of you are checking the back of your head to try and find the horn that we are talking about. Taking a look at the findings of the research, there seems to be a valid reason behind this. According to the report, the growing horns are caused by the forward tilt of the head. This forward tilt of the head is caused because of increased use of smartphones where people are looking down on their phones. The more looking down, and spending time on your smartphone, the more faster the growth of the hone.

Growing horns A possible side effect of smartphone usage 2

According to the research, tilting the head forward shifts the weight of the body from the spine to the muscles on the back of the head. This results in the growth of the bone in the area between connecting tendons, and ligaments. The report noted that this results in a hook or horn-like growth out of the back of the skull just above the next. A pair of researchers from the University of the Sunshine Coast initially presented the report according to a report by The Washington Post. The research paper argues that the rise of such bone growth in an increasing number of young people indicates something problematic.

It is not what it seems like

To be exact, this indicates a shift in the posture of the body in young people. It is also interesting to see the massive change that smartphones and technology have brought onto us. Though doctors have warned about “text neck” and “texting thumb”, they did not have any idea about the bone growth. What is more interesting is that the actual study was released last year but it is getting fresh attention now. Different reports are referring to the growing horns as “head horns”, “phone bones”, “weird bumps” or “spikes”.

What is worse is that this is likely a sign on a serious deformity in the posture. This may result in chronic headaches, and pain on the upper back and neck down the line. Mark Sayers, one of the researchers who published the study also noted that it is indicative of something nastier. In simple terms, it means that the head and the neck of the person are not in the proper configuration.

What can you do to fix the growing horn?

Sayers stated that they found that this growth progressively decreased as people aged in their research. The report discussed the cause and potential solutions to avoid such posture problems advising posture correction. David Shahar, the first author of the research noted that people should become more aware of such issues. People who use technology in the day should also work at corrective measures in the night.

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