India climbs up the ladder, ranks fourth in most spammed country list: Truecaller

Truecaller today released its fifth edition of the annual Global Spam Report, where it revealed that India now ranks as the fourth most spammed country. It has moved up in rankings from ninth to the fourth in a tally of the top 20 countries affected by spam calls in a tally of the top 20 most spammed countries.

The report revealed that the sudden spike in India’s rankings is owed to a significant increase in sales and telemarketing calls. Brazil still managed to keep the top spot for the fourth consecutive year. Peru ranked second with an average of 18.02 spam calls per user, and Ukraine managed to gain the third spot.

The most popular scam in India was the KYC scam according to Truecaller. The scam requires the scammer to act as a financial service provider and ask for the victim’s KYC documents.

Truecaller states that the scam business is currently a major issue globally, with it identifying and blocking 37.8 billion spam calls this year alone. However, take note, the number of spam calls has shown a slight decrease of 1.4 percent compared to last year.

Findings of the report suggest that all categories of sales-related calls made up 93.5 percent of all incoming spam calls in India. Interestingly, over 202 million spam calls were made by just one spammer in the country. This records over 6,64,000 calls every day and 27,000 calls every hour.

According to the report, there was a major spike in the number of spam calls in March. It is being assumed that the spike was caused by spammers trying to capitalize on the surge of Covid-19’s second wave.

Apart from the 37.8 billion spam calls, Truecaller revealed that it sorted 184.5 billion messages and blocked them. It also revealed that it currently has an active user base of around 300 million across the world. Out of its 300 million active users, the app revealed that 99.7 billion users made calls and sent 7.8 billion messages from January 2021 to October 2021.

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