India ranked at no. 131 in global mobile data speeds in September: Ookla

India has a large base of smartphone users. And they get access to some of the cheapest data rates in the world. But all this hasn’t helped the country move up the global mobile data speed charts. The latest report puts India’s mobile data speeds at 131st position in the list, far behind nations like South Korea, Sri Lanka, and even Nepal and Pakistan.

As per Ookla Speedtest Global Index for September 2020, India’s average mobile download speed is 12.07 Mbps. This is significantly lower than the global average of 35.26 Mbps. In fact, that’s not all, the country’s average mobile upload speed and latency also lags behind at 4.31 Mbps and 52ms, respectively. This again is way below the global average of 11.22 Mbps upload speed and 42 ms latency.

Interestingly, countries like Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka rank higher on this chart than India. The countries mentioned here come in at 102, 116 and 117th spots, respectively, with all offering mobile data speeds over 17 Mbps.

On the fixed line broadband front, India fares slightly better at 70th spot with average download speeds of 46.47Mbps, still ranking below countries like Ghana, Moldova, and Malta.  4

India mobile data speeds – way below the global standard

The global speed index is rolled out every year, and it has become a common trend for India’s position to rank way below its potential. You could also say the low data rates have resulted in a weak financial position for the telcos, forcing them to lower their expenditure. But if quality does not meet quantity than consumers are undoubtedly going to raise complains. After all, they are the ones shelling out money. And competition is not just meant to give consumers more option, but also raise the standards of the industry in general.

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