Indian Air Force wants to make a big jump into the mobile segment. The air arm of the Indian armed forces will launch a new mobile game for Android and iOS on July 31. The game will be initially offered as a single player version but multiplayer option is in the pipeline as well. The game will allow its players to become an airforce pilot and experience some of their airborne combat vehicles in a virtually immersive way. If you are familiar with flight simulator then this will appear as a miniature version of it.

IAF Mobile Game: When and How to Play

The 101 second long teaser posted by Indian Air Force on Twitter is already a hit. The teaser video has been viewed over 32,000 times and has garnered 1.396 retweet. The tweet has also picked up 5,752 likes on Twitter. Simply called IAF Mobile Game, it has the potential to match the success of games like PUBG in India. The teaser video shows all the types of aircraft that will be available for flying in the game. It also shows that this won’t be a free flight. Gamers will have missions to follow and will basically step into the shoes of an IAF pilot.

Gaming was once seen as an expensive hobby in the country. But affordable smartphones, cheaper data access and free games have changed that paradigm. Indian smartphone users already form a big part of PUBG Mobile. IAF wants to tap into these very users, who might express loyalty and at the same time, appreciate its creators. Missions will include option to fly a combat vehicle or a helicopter and destroy the enemy territory. It will also involve missions such as destroying the base camp, aircrafts and anti-aircraft defense system of the enemy.

The game won’t be a multiplayer battle royale style game that can match the popularity of PUBG or Fortnite immediately. It will instead be a simple game to boot that will add nostalgia to their experience. The teaser even shows a character similar to Abhinandan, who was held captive for 60 hours in Pakistan. The initial success of this game would depend on nostalgia and ability to connect with the gamers. With multiplayer version, IAF might succeed in convincing mobile gamers to ditch PUBG Mobile for the homegrown game.

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