It’s common knowledge that majority of smartphone apps require access to some user data in order to function properly. But exactly how much of that information do they need? If a new report is to be believed, Indian-origin apps require a lot more data than those from around the globe.

According to an annual study by Arrka Consulting, an enterprise security and data security platform, some Android apps require as much as 45 percent more user permissions as compared to their global counterparts. These include access to SMSes, hardware like microphone and camera, contacts, and call logs. The study further says that about one-third of the permissions sought by Indian-origin apps are not required for their core functionality.

The study further said that most of the collected user data that these apps share with third parties ended up with two of the biggest data-harvesting technology corporations today – Google and Facebook.

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The aforementioned study assessed numerous privacy metrics of about 100 Indian Android apps, each having at least a million downloads across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, and Web), GadgetsNow reports. Similarly, around 50 global apps were analyzed on the same metrics as well.

In some specific categories, Indian-origin apps were found to be requiring up to three times more permissions from users in comparison to the global apps. On an average, Indian apps collected as many as eight permissions when installed.

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