NFT or non-fungible tokens have been the new craze around the globe lately. Indian celebs have jumped in to join this community and many renowned faces have already launched their digital asset collections. If you are still living under a rock, or maybe confused about what NFT is, here’s a simple explanation- NFT or a non-fungible token is a unit of data stored in a digital ledger and it is traded by using cryptocurrencies. These ‘cryptographic assets’ have unique codes and hence they are not interchangeable. The authentic digital certificates represent real-world objects in the form of digital art and can be attached to music, videos, in-game items as well. NFTs transactions are involved online and are encoded with similar ‘underlying software,’ as cryptos. While many popular celebs in India have already launched their NFTs, some are planning to release their collections in the coming days. Here’s the list of those well-known celebs that have/joining the rising NFT market.



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