Indian IT company gifts BMW cars worth Rs 1 crore each to few employees for loyalty

We’ve heard companies rewarding their employees for good work. But what if a company gives you a BMW worth almost a crore for loyalty and good performance? This has happened at an IT firm in India which rewarded five of its employees with a BMW 5-series luxury sedan.

Kissflow Inc, a global software-as-a-service company rewarded five of its employees with one BMW each. The recipients were clueless about their gifts till just a couple of hours before the handing over ceremony. The event happened on Friday and company employees were expecting some news like a successful funding round or an acquisition.

The unsuspecting company employees were surprised to see five BMW 530d cars rolling out one after the other. The event was held to mark the 10th anniversary of the company.

CEO of Kissflow Inc Suresh Sambandam, told PTI that these five employees were with him from the very beginning of the brand. They stayed with him during tumultuous times including a pandemic. He also claimed that few of the recipients of the cars hailed from humble backgrounds. During the pandemic, Sambandam claimed, the company faced hurdles to even exist.

Sambandam said, “There were difficult times. Even during the pandemic, the investors were not sure whether this company will sustain and build a future. Today we are very happy that we have paid back the investors and now it has become a fully owned privately held company.”

Sambandam said, “The cars are for these five who were with me when I dug 100 feet for gold (setting up Kissflow while others left the organisation midway).”

One of the recipients of the BMW 5-series car said, “this is an inspiration to them. We want to motivate them (to perform much better). We take care of our employees much better”.

“For example, there is no sick leave or casual leave here unlike other companies. It is just one leave for them. If they do not want to come and work, they can work from home. There is no attendance system like biometric system and all…we know our employees”, he said.

Vivek Madurai, another beneficiary said, “We take care of our team members. They are motivated to perform much better in whatever way they prefer”.

According to a PTI report, the recipients of the cars were– chief product officer Dinesh Varadharajan, director (product management) Kausikram Krishnasayee, director Vivek Madurai, director Adhi Ramanathan and vice-president Prasanna Rajendran.

“It is a pleasant surprise for me. I thought we are going for lunch or dinner with everyone. Did not expect this”, Krishnasayee said.

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