4G download speed in India is reportedly much faster at night than during the day. As per a 4G download speed test done by OpenSignal across 20 of India’s largest cities, users encounter varying speeds depending on the city they live in. For example, the test revealed that Navi Mumbai offered 8.1 Mbps in average LTE download speed and Allahabad, on the other hand, scored an average of 4.0 Mbps, securing the last position.

Furthermore, the report asserted that “all cities show a consistent trend in our data, namely that users experience widely different speeds across the hours of the day.” When your network is congested, the average LTE download speed falls by 2.8 Mbps when compared to the daily average. If the network is not overcrowded, then the speed picks up the pace by 10.3 Mbps, with the cities hitting the speed of above 14 Mbps.

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The report further explained that “smartphone users can experience 4G download speeds three to seven times faster by connecting to the network at a different time – with Hyderabad having the most consistent speeds and Allahabad the highest variance.” OpenSignal also claims that at night around 4 AM, the download speed is much faster with users witnessing 16.8 Mbps, which is very high when compared to the daily average of 6.5 Mbps. Since the people are active around 10 PM, they witness slowest speeds as the congestion rate is high.

The cited source explained that “all the cities show a similar trend with download speeds tending to decrease over the course of the day, reaching the slowest speed in the late evening at 10 PM, when presumably most smartphone users are connected to the network accessing entertainment services such as mobile video. Then, speeds improve sharply to an early morning peak at 4 AM – when most people are asleep – and finally start falling again as people wake up and use their phones.” To be specific, when a mobile network is overcrowded, users witness 4G download speed ranging from 2.5 Mbps to 5.6 Mbps and when the network is less-congested, users get a much higher speed ranging from 9.9 Mbps to 19.7 Mbps.

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