Instagram allows you to add captions to Stories automatically: Know what it is

Instagram has now introduced new functionality for its Stories section. People will now be able to auto-caption their Stories. This will convert the things they say into words for the ease of deciphering.

It is also suggested that the feature will soon be available for Instagram Reels too. Read on to know more about this.

Instagram Stories gets an auto-caption feature

This ability is in the form of a sticker, which has been launched in addition to the various stickers available for Instagram Stories.

The main purpose of the auto-caption sticker is to allow people to understand what’s being said in a video. This will be helpful for people with hearing impairment.

With this, people will be able to convert the speech into text automatically. All you need to do is, tap on the sticker icon once you are done recording a video and are all set to add edits to it. Then, you need to tap on the ‘Caption’ sticker option to do the deed.

Once this happens, you can change the font style and size of the auto-generated caption, much like it’s done for the photo captions on Stories.

You can also proofread individual words to watch out for spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors. Since auto-captions can call for errors, this will prove to be a handy addition.

Auto-captions on Instagram Stories and Reels (which is expected soon) comes after its presence on the app’s IGTV section and the standalone Threads app.

The feature (on both Android and iOS) is currently available in English and in a handful of “English-speaking” countries. However, it will eventually be expanded to more places.

In related news, Instagram recently introduced the ability for uses to conduct group Live sessions based on audio to compete with the likes of the popular app Clubhouse.

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