Instagram increases time limits on livestreams to 4 hours

During this period of social distancing and isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, live broadcasts have become a part of people’s daily lives. To further facilitate such livestreams, Instagram is making live broadcasts longer, with a new limit of up to four hours. Currently, the maximum allowed is one hour.

Instagram live videos

With the new development, the social network can be used by artists for big shows or other interactions between Instagram creators and their followers. However, in order to enjoy such a limit, the user must have an account in a good standing. Therefore, it cannot have committed any violation of internal policies or intellectual property. This requirement should keep people away from streaming movies, for example.

Soon, Instagram users will notice another change as well. The social network said it would allow creators to archive streams for up to 30 days. This tool will work similarly to the archiving of stories and posts in the feed. At the beginning of the year, Instagram had already added the option to save livestreams on IGTV, in addition to saving live videos in the files themselves.

Now, the social network also plans to update the “Live Now” section that appears on IGTV and at the end of a broadcast. The intention is to help users find other streams that they may be interested in, whether it’s someone who they already follow or not. With these changes, Instagram has increased its efforts to promote videos on its platform.

A few weeks ago, it increased the duration of the Reels, short videos with which it is trying to compete with TikTok. Now, users can create parts in up to 30 seconds and edit them with intuitive controls to trim or delete segments. Instagram is one of the most valued properties of Facebook. In 2019 alone, the platform generated $20 billion in revenue that represents more than a quarter of the company’s advertising revenue.

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