Instagram may soon ask for video verification to create new account

Instagram and other social media platforms have been known to struggle with the problem of fake accounts on their platforms. The Meta-owned company is reportedly working on a fix to this problem. Instagram is planning to use video verification for its platform. The video verification feature, which has so far been used for KYC and select other applications, is expected to push down the number of the fake accounts on the platform.

Screenshots of the new video verification feature were shared by social media consultant Matt Navara. In the screenshots shared by him via his official Twitter handle, Instagram is seen asking for the user to provide a video with the user looking at different sides in order to authenticate the user. This will help the app confirm that it’s a real person creating that account.

The power of facial recognition is already a big concern for parent company Facebook (now Meta). In the screenshot shared by Navara, Instagram has assured that the video of the identification will be deleted within a period of 30 days. Also, the company has assured that they will not use facial recognition technology on this video or even collect any kind of biometric data.

It should be noted that there’s no official announcement about the new security feature. However, XDA developers have claimed that the video verification has only been implemented for new users trying to make an account on Instagram. The current account holders have also not been asked to submit their video verification selfie.

Recently, Facebook (Meta) announced that hate speech on Facebook and Instagram had gone down. According to a claim made by the company hate speech on both platforms has decreased for the fourth quarter in a row this year. It has dropped by 0.02 per cent for the third quarter (Q3).

In a statement Meta said, “We continue to see a reduction in hate speech due to our improvements in our technology and ranking changes that reduce problematic content in News Feed, including through improved personalization.”

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