Instagram Reels gets support for longer videos, easy mobile edits

Instagram is making some changes to Reels, its TikTok rival this week according to this report. Unlike the early hype around the product, it has flattered to catch user’s attention. Especially in a market like India, where TikTok was banned a few weeks back. And after getting some feedback from people, Instagram is improving some features on Reels. Because of this, users on Reels will soon be able to shoot longer duration videos and share publicly.

As you might recall, Reels was launched with support for 15-second videos. But the social community wanted the platform to support 1-min videos like TikTok. However, Instagram, quoted by TechCrunch, has decided that for Reels, a 30-second video limit makes sense. This way, people will have to create original content for the platform, and now just copying their TikTok stuff and sharing it through Reels. In addition to this, Instagram claims that editing videos on Reels will now be simpler. It will also users to edit clips from the video and delete the part that will not be published.

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Having said that, the editing process on Reels is a lot cumbersome than TikTok. With the latter, you could simply rely on its advanced AI features, that automatically selects songs suited for lip sync. Whereas, with Reels, users have to do everything manually, which is never ideal for basic smartphone users. So, while Reels managed to stand against TikTok with its like-for-like features, the usability factor still remains wanting.

Instagram Reels replaces Explore tab for Indian users

Instagram users in India are getting the Reels tab in a new location this week. Before this, you had to dig deep to find the Reels option on the mobile app. But now, you can just click on the Reels option which has replaced the Explore tab. The option was already available on iOS for the past few weeks. And now it’s available for millions of Android phone users in the country as well.

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