Instagram Reels Remix, a TikTok Duet clone arrives to the video sharing platform

Instagram Reels Remix, a TikTok Duet-like feature now arrives on the video-sharing platform. The new feature will allow users, creators to record Reels video next to another user’s video. The new Instagram Reels Remix feature was being tested with some users in the app last month.

To note, ‘Duets’ (or the newly cloned Reels Remix) was previously made available only via third-party programs. Since its debut on TikTok, the feature became a ‘key engagement tool’ on the platform giving users the opportunity to ‘engage in viral memes.’ For those unaware, the TikTok Duets feature basically let users create a reaction video, and the original, user’s video playing side by side in a square format.

Speaking of the new Remix feature, Instagram took to Twitter to announce the Duet clone, saying, “Now you can use the Remix feature in Reels to create your own reel next to one that already exists. Whether you’re capturing your reaction, responding to friends, or bringing your own magic to trends, Remix is another way to collab on Instagram.”

In case you want to try the new feature and blend your creativity with another user’s video on your Instagram account, here’s how you can download Instagram Reels video and try the latest Remix feature with it.

Instagram Reels Remix: How it works

– Open the Reels tab from the bottom, tap the three-dot menu on the right edge

– Select ‘Remix this Reel’ (you will find it if your app is updated to its latest version)
You can then record your reel or upload a pre-recorded clip alongside the video of another user

– Like in Reels, you can control the volume of the original audio, change background score, and use other editing tools available in the app

– If you want others to remix your reel, just tap the three-dot menu on your own video and tap on ‘Enable Remixing’

– There is an option to stop users from remixing your reel as well which can be tweaked on your broader profile settings. It is worth mentioning that the Reels Remix feature will only be available on newly uploaded Reels

While new players are gaining popularity and trying to dominate the social media platform, it comes as no surprise to see Instagram putting all its efforts to bring new features (though cloned version) to keep engagement in the app intact.

Instagram introduced Reels, the short-format video feature in India in July last year following TikTok’s ban in the country. While the feature was launched as a replacement it didn’t have full-fledged editing features as its rival.

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