It looks like Instagram has started rolling out fact-checking services on its platform. We spotted an example of fact-checking on the platform along with the blur warning to hide the fake news. This example comes almost a month after the company initially announced a partnership with fact-checking groups. As part of the partnership, the company is teaming up with fact-checking groups to combat fake news on the social media platform. We are unclear if the fact-checking started rolling out today or if it has been live for some time. It is worth noting that we already have a similar service available on Facebook to combat fake news.

Instagram introduces “False Information” censor screens to fight fake news

Taking a closer look at the “False Information” flag, Instagram seems to be burring out fake news. Instead of the story with the fake news, users only see a blurred story with “False Information” tag. The screen also includes a line clarifying the notice with a descriptive line. This line says, “Reviewed by independent fact-checkers”. Users will get two buttons on this screen with the first one, “See Why” offering more information. The second button “See Post” is present at the bottom of the screen allowing users to see the content regardless.

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Tapping on the “See Why” button provides more information about fake news flag. Here, users can check the independent fact-checking agency, the final conclusion of the fact-checking, and “More Information” regarding the post. Instagram has also added a “Learn more” most for users who are looking to read more about this partnership.

In fact, the company has also added a link to a dedicated article regarding the fake news. The linked article is present in the “More Information” section. One can read the linked articles in case they want to know about the actual story behind the flagged story or post. This is a good move to combat misinformation and fake news where such mistakes have real consequences.

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