Instagram testing new carousel design for Stories on desktop

Instagram is testing a new format to view Stories on the desktop that will make it easier for users to keep a track of where they are in their queue. According to an Engadget report, the new Stories carousel is being tested for a small group of users, though there is no word on when it will be rolled out more widely.

As of now, the desktop format only lets users view the Stories of a single user, which takes up the entire page. In the new carousel format, the Stories will appear in a tile format, where the Stories from other users will also be visible in tiles aligned neatly from left to right.

The desktop version also gives the option to manually go forward or backward in the Stories or let them play one after the other automatically, which will be available for the new Stories carousel as well. The new desktop format for Stories is supposed to make it seamless for users to switch to other people’s Stories.

“A spokesperson confirmed the test, which began appearing to a “small group” of Instagram users last month, but didn’t comment on when it might be more widely available,” as per the Engadget report.

Instagram has started to focus on desktop features such as Messaging and Live more actively especially after more and more people were forced to use desktops as they work from home during the global pandemic. Desktop web was the only main interface that grew the most (percentage wise) during the pandemic, according to Instagram, followed by mobile web and native apps.

“Because of this, products like Instagram Messaging and Instagram Live, became even more important in helping people stay connected with the people and things they love. It was important that we enable users to access those products from their desktop computers,” Instagram said in a post.

In December last year, Instagram announced it is making live broadcasts longer with a limit of up to four hours, instead of one hour previously.

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